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Random Boolean Networks. Sun Java Applet

One of the first researchers to utilize Boolean Networks was Stuart A. Kaufmann

Game of Life. Sun Java Applet
Game of Life. Sun Java Applet
Game of Life. Sun Java Applet
Game of Life. Sun Java Applet

This game is a class of Cellular Automata

Genetic Algorithm Circuitry Router. Sun Java Applet

This program will attempt to find the most optimum connection configuration for a 2 layer integrated circuit board. The placement of the modules has been already predefined, the trace layout will be determined using a genetic algorithm approach. The benefit of using a GA algorithm is the non-requirement of defining the problem solution in advance, we only must supply the fitness and selection criteria.

Fitness Objectives
Minimize Route Short-circuits
Minimize Completed Route Lengths
Minimize Invalid Cells, Routes
Maximize Partially Completed Route Lengths
Minimize Distance from Partial Routes to Destination Node
Last Updated: Ottawa, Canada

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